Stag Weekend in Nottingham

Nottingham as a stag weekend destination makes sense. Great Stag activities including Indoor Karting, Quad Biking and Off Road Buggies all at one venue 15 minutes outside of Nottingham City Centre. Nottingham is easy for everyone to get to, either by train to the centrally located train station, by car the M1 is only 10 minutes away and the A1 is 20 minutes away. And for those travelling by plane, well East Midlands airport is only 20 minutes away from the City Centre. 

On arrival in Nottingham for the big Stag weekend, you'll have plenty to go at. Venues that serve beer aren't an issue, from the world famous Hooters bar where the waitresses wear tight fitting orange hot pants to allegedly the oldest pub in the England; Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem. Perhaps the most popular drinking area in the city is the Lace Market, full of converted textile factories and even a church that is now a late night bar. Down Hockley you'll find more trendy bars and clubs, but you'll have to do your research here, many are hidden away gems in courtyards and along alleyways. 

Hotels in Nottingham are well use to Stag group bookings, so there is no issue here. Just get booked in early to ensure the best room rates. Entry to late night clubs is usually also straight forward, usual door policies apply; if you look or act plastered and are wearing just a thong and trainers you ain't going to get in. Look normal and smartly dressed and there shouldn't be a problem. There are plenty of late night clubs and bars to go at anyway, many you can pre-book VIP areas to guarantee entry.

So, what to do in the daytime, well that's where we come in. We own probably the two largest activity centres in Nottingham and the East Midlands, and one of the very few centres in the country that has both Indoor Karting circuits and Off Road activities at the same venue. If you  are considering booking through a Stag weekend agency, great! You're probably going to be coming to us anyway, as we provide many of the activities for the largest Stag weekend companies in the UK. But, it probably makes sense to book direct with us. You'll know that you are going to get the best price, and you'll definitely know what you are actually booking.

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And if you do have any queries or are looking for something different or even just a bit of advice, give us a call or drop us a line. 



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