Paintballing Nottingham - it has to be Commando Paintball

For anyone looking for Paintballing in the Nottingham, Leicester or Derby area, then it's got to be Commando Paintball. Only 10 minutes from Nottingham City Centre.

Why go Commando?! Well, we've been running Paintballing games at the same venue for over 20 years, and we've been providing exciting, safe and adventurous activities since 1978!

  • Massive 52 acre Broadleaf Woodland site
  • Unique hill location only 10 minutes from Nottingham City Centre
  • 6 exciting Game Zones
  • All packages include all of the latest equipment
  • Tippman and Inferno Paintball Markers
  • Free Refreshments for all players
  • Unlimited Gas
  • Top quality Paintballs at great prices
  • Free Parking
  • Free security safes
  • A Great Time Guaranteed!
  • No Catches!

Paintballing is a game of skill, strategy and daring played outdoors in our 52 acres 

Players are dressed in camouflage gear, wear protective goggles and hoods and use the latest paintball marking guns. You can book on your own, as a group or hire the site exclusively. Teams compete against each other in different game scenarios and with varying objectives. The standard game is quite simple and requires each team to capture their opposition's flag and get it back to their own base. At Commando Paintball Nottingham we don't just leave it there.

We have 6 game zones, each with it's own objectives. From Fort to Detonation to the Hole.During each game players are eliminated when a paintball hits them and bursts marking them with a vivid coloured dye. You will usually only be out of the game for 5-10 minutes, then it's back in to the action. Games last between 10 and 30 minutes according to skill or good fortune, so even if you get hit you won't be out of action for long. 

All games are professionally marshalled to insure player safety and fair play.

Is it safe?
Yes, paintball is a safe sport in comparison to many other action and adrenaline sports. Our site is a member of and operates to the Code of Practice of the UKPSF.

How many people do we need?
1 - 120! Any number can come along, the more the merrier.(A little Robin Hood pun there!)

Will we be put up against a group of ex Army rambos with their own guns?
Absolutely not! The majority of our customers are corporate parties and first time users. They are all there for a social day out.

Does Paintballing hurt?
Honestly- it can do a little if a paintball catches you right, but we provide camouflage overall suits and padded hoods with safety masks, specifically designed for paintball to minimise the risk. A few bruises should be expected.

What should we bring?
Loose fitting clothes, trainers or preferably light boots. We recommend wearing a good pair of boots as Paintball venues can be slippery all year round. Bring a pair of woolly gloves and a sense of humour! 

What if the weather is bad?
It's only sleet! We serve free hot refreshments, a guaranteed soul warmer. Only if it is too windy or if there is a thunderstorm will we need to look at postponing.

What is the minimum age?
The minimum age for Paintballing is 16 years old. We'll need a parent guardian to be present for the safety briefing and to sign the declaration forms. We may ask for proof of age. Players under the age of 16 years are not insured!

Is there food available?
We provide you with FREE tea and coffee on arrival. Feel free to bring light snacks with you that you can carry in to the woods. You won't get much time to eat as it's action all the way!

Can I bring my own paintball markers and paintballs?
The short answer is no. All our markers are calibrated, and checked over each week. Our paintballs are to an exacting standard and we know are safe. We therefore do not allow own markers or paintballs on site. You may bring your own masks, shirts etc.


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